Interview zur CD "Exiled Music"

Review of "Female Composers"

Review by Gary Higginson (MusicWeb International)

"[...] I hope that it's not significant that these works, so beautifully and sensitively handled are given to us by two women performers who are following in the footsteps of Le Beau and Mayor and the other female musicians they worked with. I trust that their male counterparts will also search out such music as this. [...] to read more

Reviews of "Ropartz, Schoeck and Poulenc Sonatas for Violin"

[...] the excellent playing is noted.

[...] their playing of the piece is so sympathetic it almost convinces me that it might be a masterpiece I’ve sorely misjudged. I would urge you to acquire the disc and judge for yourself, because you won’t hear the piece better played by anyone.

[...] Nonetheless, the performance of it by Setareh Najfar-Nahvi and Theresia Schumacher might well go a long way towards convincing even Poulenc that his sonata is worth an occasional serving.


By Jerry Dubins, Fanfare magazine, USA

Review of "Exiled Music"

[...] Clearly treating this as a labour of love, Setareh Najfar-Nahvi and Theresia Schumacher play effectively throughout and their commitment to these works is never in doubt. Creating significant tension and atmosphere, their assured partnership responds with skill and understanding. Najfar-Nahvi’s violin in Celeste Farotto (1939) has an appealing tone and Schumacher’s piano produces a most glorious sound. [...]


By Michael Cookson, MusicWeb International

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